Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dexter Season 7 Finale

I thought I remembered Doakes being ripped, but it turns out he was more fat than anything.  At least according to the flashbacks we saw.

Ahh, those flashbacks.  Has there ever been a more useless series of looks into a character's life than the ones on Sunday's episode of "Dexter?"  They changed the character of Dexter to fit into his current character, as the original season 1 Dexter would never drop his guard like that around Doakes and jump around a crime scene.  He just didn't do that sort of thing.

But now that Maria is the world's greatest detective, I guess anything is possible.  Or should I say she was, since Deb killed her for some reason.

Why did she have to pull the trigger at all?  Couldn't she have just let Dexter do it and that was that?  Why go through the whole crying thing to show that she cared about Dexter?  We know that.  We know she would protect Dexter.  So why did she have to kill Maria?

This season was wholly unsatisfying, and it seems to be a case of a show that has just run its course.  So what, now Dexter is going to fade into the sunset continuing to do what he does, with no one looking into him, and in fact, with no one left at Miami Metro.  Maria's dead, Matthews was forced to retire, Angel is retired, Mike is dead, Doakes is dead.  Of all the detectives who have ever been there, Quinn is the only one left standing.  And Masuka.  But he's a blood guy.  And Deb.

So what happens now?  Are all Dexter's ladies brought back for the next season?  Lumen, Hannah, Deb.  Lyla and Rita are dead.

I know I'll stick around, I just don't have that same sense of excitement I did when the show was at its best.

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