Thursday, November 8, 2012

Quick Hits and Misses

With all the television watching recently, and real world distractions, I haven't been able to update this very often.  Also, it drains on you having to watch some bad television, which seems to be what is new and gets reviewed.  So I apologize to "Chicago Fire," "Vegas," and whatever other shows I didn't get around to reviewing.  For what it's worth, I actually kind of liked "Vegas" as a procedural, but mostly because it's cool to see old Las Vegas and the Strip before it became The Strip (Fremont St. appears to be mostly what Vegas used to be.

So let's check in on our favorite shows.

1.  Dexter - I am not really enjoying this season.  It's about Deb more than it's about Dexter, and I don't know if I care so much about the sister of a serial killer as I do the actual serial killer.  On top of that, the changes in Dexter as a character are marked.  I'm all for evolution of a character, believe me.  But I prefer the actual evolution where it stays consistent with his beliefs and the character just becomes slightly different (see Ford, James).  But Dexter has gone through more of a change, where Harry's Code doesn't matter any more.  That is a problem for me.

2.  Homeland - Mostly consistently good, if not great, television.  It is at its finest when it is working with the smaller nuances, like the Brody-Carrie interrogation scene.  The actual plot is just icing on the cake, really.  But one major misstep could end up being the insipid running over the old lady plot.  Friday Night Lights tried this, and it ended up causing the writers' strike.  That is not good.  I'm not sure this is going to go somewhere, but then again, maybe I should just have a little faith.

3.  The Walking Dead - The decision to abandon character work for zombie killing seems to be a good one, as the show is at least watchable.  We have also been given the first real kinda cool character in the Governor, mostly because he's mysterious and sinister.  Something I wrote about back in July.

4.  Boardwalk Empire - Surprisingly working without Jimmy Darmody, something I didn't think would be possible.  Even with fake Jimmy.  But there's a lot of good work going on in this show, and especially and surprisingly by Stephen Root.  Who knew Jimmy James had it in him to play this kind of character?  So well done, Boardwalk.

5.  How I met your Mother and The Big Bang Theory - The two CBS comedies are slowly losing me.  They aren't that interesting any more, and they also struggle to be funny.  Most of the time, I pop them on when distractions are running around or crawling on em.

6.  New Girl and Modern Family - Both funny, and both funny in different ways.  I go back and forth about which one is better each week, which is a very good problem to have.

The fall is tough, and I really wish shows would stop the insane 22 episode tradition that has not changed in 30 years.  Money is the bottom line, but no show needs to last 8 months now a days.  Let them run for 16 episodes straight, and shows can either be Fall shows or Spring shows.

In the meantime, we can all sit back and wait for the returns of Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Justified and Game of Thrones.

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