Monday, October 8, 2012

Quick Hits and Misses

1.  This has been a pretty lackluster fall season, with a lot of shows that won't quite make the list.  The most surprising, though, was "666 Park Avenue" which I originally dismissed as being rubbish and nonsense, but what might surprise me and a lot of people.  Granted, that's probably not going to make me watch it or keep it from being cancelled, but it was still surprising.

2.  "The Walking Dead" returns to AMC this week (but not for DISH subscribers, as the television has been so rudely pointing out.  I'm not yet sure if they're the lucky ones, though).  I can't wait to see where our band of dopey heroes spend too much time this season.

3.  If I had to lose any show that I have been watching, I think it would have to be either "How I met your mother" or "The Big Bang Theory."  The difference between the two is that HIMYM still makes me laugh, and BBT just makes me sad most of the time.

4.  "Dexter" also has me excited for this coming year, not because I look forward to the writes ignoring things from last year, but because for the first time since season 2, we're returning to Dexter's actual need to kill.  Like that if he doesn't kill, he shuts down and cannot function.  The writers are at their best when they're dealing with Dexter's interior psyche, which is why the first part of last season was effective (until they killed Brother Sam and stopped the religious discussion).

5.  I need to say a few things about "Revolution."  I'm liking more and more of the backstory, and more of what's going on.  They are doing a good thing, in my opinion, of showing flashbacks to what happened right after the blackout.  But there are still a few lingering issues.
       a.  I hate to make the comparisons to "Lost" but there are times when I must.  When Charlie on "Lost" killed Ethan, he suffered for a while, going into depression and shutting people out.  When Charlie on "Revolution" killed someone, she was immediately fine.  This is an issue when the show is trying to deal with a new sense of humanity.  You can't just skip over character moments like that when you are trying to develop a program that is about more than when the lights go out.
       b.  I enjoy all the stories on the show except for the main one involving Charlie, Miles and Dora.  It's boring and not as effective.  I think this is due to my main problem:
       c.  Miles.  I'm not buying him right now.  His delivery is slightly off and he isn't quite portraying the man he should be.  He was better in the scene with Monroe and JeremyJacob, and I don't know if Tracy Spiridakos is the problem, but would the show be better off without her?  I think so.
       d.  I know this show isn't the greatest, I know it has major flaws, but I do enjoy watching it, and I can only hope that someone who can write dialogue joins at some point (I'm not asking for a Milch or Sorkin or Yost, but something has to give if they want to be taken seriously.

6.  I must say, I am very glad to have television back.  There is a stretch in August when nothing is going on that I legitimately miss other people's lives.  It's not so much that I like to see how they handle things, it's that I like to see how I am reflected in theirs.  I like to consider my own failings and successes in light of others, and I like to contemplate the higher as others are confronted with their own mortality.

It's a silly thing, but it's more than an escape.  Television helps a person to think and to reason and to learn.  It helps to understand the world and to figure out the people who inhabit it, who suffer with this human condition.  We learn something about a man, we learn about people who are brave, who are cowards, who are shy and who are proud.  We learn about people who believe in God and those who profess a belief but who have no idea what that belief entails.  Through these various men we meet, we learn about Man, and thus we learn about ourselves.


  1. We don't have TV, but I like your reviews anyway...when the shows come up on Roku I take a look.

  2. Thanks, Christian, I read and appreciate your blogs as well, and find them always enlightening and engaging.