Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Quick Hits and Misses

1.  So Jesse Pinkman has become the ideas man of the meth cooking group?  It was his idea to rob the train, and his idea to use the magnet.  While Walt and Mike are duking it out for control, Jessie is fine sitting in the background and keeping everyone out of prison and trying to be the moral voice.

Of course, this doesn't help when Jesse is so willing to go along with any idea that is presented.  In this last episode alone, he sided with Mike's idea to get $5 million, and then he sided with Walt at the end of the episode, even telling Mike it was a good plan.  So is getting $5,000,000 without putting your life in danger!

2.  We finally found the underlying motive behind Walt's desire to be the meth kingpin of New Mexico: He sold his share of a dotcom startup for $5K.  Now, Walt has a history of making bad decisions, but this one takes the cake.  That is chump change compared to the billions he would be worth now, and the billions he is trying to get back to.  He could have ruled the tech world, but now he is set on ruling the meth world.

Which would be fine, except that people keep getting killed.  And Walt pretended to be upset by this, but then he proceeded to whistle while he worked, turning into what Tony Soprano would call the "Happy F**king Wanderer."  Which Tony himself had turned into by the end of the series.

3.  Summer time is a dull time, with very few shows of interest.  NBC premiered both "Go On" and "Animal Practice," both of which I'm waiting to post my reviews of, since they were trying to capitalize on the Olympics audience, but which don't actually start their shows until September.  And my feeble mind isn't able to remember show to show what happened a month ago.

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