Friday, July 13, 2012

Life Lessons with Television Shows

Love is in the air.  And on the air.

And wouldn't you know it, it's easy to fall in love, it happens all the time, and it happens to everyone.  But of course, there is no right way to fall in love, and everyone has a different story.

Take The Bachelorette for instance.  She has the benefit of falling in love with not one, not two, but THREE different men at the same time.  And this is honest to goodness real love we're talking about here, not the type of love that lasts only until a reunion show.  Most women don't ever find the real true love that current star Emily Maynard found with three men (now 2, that third love wasn't really a love apparently.  Not like the realness of the other 2).

To be fair, though, Emily never thought it would be possible to truly love different guys at one time.  This all came about through numerous make out sessions, tv interviews and intimate dates with Emily, a guy, a camera man, a sound man, a guy holding a boom mic, a director and a helicopter pilot.  Also a magician was there.

It was so easy to fall in love for Emily, as she was able to fully commit herself to one guy, and then the next day, fully commit herself to another.  Who needs intimacy when you have a hot tub with 5 guys in it?  Clearly you can learn all there is to know about someone while kissing his friend.

And if you think that Emily has it easy, just talk to Kody Brown.  Emily got to date multiple men, but Kody actually got to marry multiple women!  Imagine that, he had so much love to give, he was able to fully give himself to 4 different women!  Most men only have one self to give to one women, but not Kody!  He has 4 selves, which has to be the case because he has given his whole self to 4 different women, so he must be the most loving person alive.  God only has 3 persons.  Think of that!

Kody doesn't trivialize marriage at all, he doesn't make a mockery out of love.  I'm sure it's easy for his multiple wives to raise their children without him every day, I'm sure they enjoy knowing he's with some other woman that night.  I'm sure they enjoyed dancing at his wedding to his 4th wife, knowing he was going to the honeymoon suite with a new wife.  That's the kind of stuff that makes a family stronger, without a doubt.

It's easy to make jokes about how much harder it is for Kody, because when he gets one wife mad, he has four women mad at him.  But come on, it must be so easy on the kids knowing their dad is going to be home once every 4 nights.  That's the ideal way to raise a family, right?

Polygamy has been around since the dawn of time, and so it must be the preferred way to have a family.  Just like the preferred way to get a wife is to club her on the head and then show her a fire.

The nice thing about having multiple wives, as well, is that you never have to address any problems you have.  You can just let conflicts fester and grow under the surface and let resentment crop up, so that conversations you have are biting and filled with vitriol.  This is exceptionally healthy, as is letting the kids see you act like this.  Then they can bring this same idea to their marriage.

And from everything else we see on television, love is also equivalent to sex.  Once a couple loves each other, or say they love each other, the next natural step is to have sex with them.  Or, on the flip side, as soon as a couple has sex (usually after the first time they meet) they say they love each other.  It's so easy!

The bottom line is that love has become an excuse to do so much more.  Love was not created as a reason or a free pass.  You need to work at love, you need to sacrifice for love, you need to give someone, some one person, your entire life.  Love is when you would give everything you have and everything you are in order to make someone else happy.  Truly happy, the happiness that we share with God.

Reality shows are generally not designed to show us how love should be, they are designed as entertainment.  The problem arises when people who don't have love or know love begin to believe this is how it works.  Reality shows are strange entertainment, designed to tell a story that appeals to the masses, if only to give us the chance to judge the contestants and think about our own lives.

Love is a beautiful thing when it is done properly, when it is done the way Christ taught us and the Church has upheld.  Someone should make a show that follows a family around, a real family, one that eats together, talks together, reads my blog together, and then in the end, stays together.

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