Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quick Hits and Misses

1.  While watching CSI: New York last week, Mac was dying in the hospital.  His girlfriend was shown praying over him, rosary in hand, reciting the Apostles Creed.  Two very Catholic symbols.  She recited everything, stopping at "from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit..."  The next line is "I believe in the Holy Catholic Church."

Now, I understand the purpose of leaving this part out, because the mere mention of belief in the Catholic Church is enough to turn some viewers off (although CBS would be less likely to lose viewers than another channel).  But it's still significant, almost like they're trying to hide the fact that she believes in the Church.  Yet aren't the recitation of the prayer and the holding of the rosary evidence enough that she is Catholic?  Why must we avoid saying the words, as if the mere whisper of them, or hint of their existence is enough to make us believe that Pope Benedict XVI is one of the writers.

Although I have no evidence that he isn't a writer, I think he is otherwise occupied.

But if he was a writer, I can't wait to see the all-Latin episode coming up for sweeps next year.

2.  The Killing is well on its way to being the first show that has ever not only not rewarded you for watching, but actually made your watching pointless.  The second season is killing off people, writing others out of the show, and creating alibis for anyone else who cares for Rosie's murder.

So then the question is, was all of season 1 a waste of time and unnecessary to find out who killed Rosie?

Already having alienated more of its audience than any other show in history, and treating us like idiots in the process, Veena Sudd is truly trying to hit a new low in television writing.  She puts us through shoddy police work, boring characters, annoying red herrings and now, as if that wasn't enough, she's probably angering the Native American population.  Which is good news, because maybe it will get her fired.

3.  NBC's firing of Dan Harmon represents one of the stupidest and most shortsighted decisions a network has done since, well, since NBC renewed Whitney.

Communitiy is one of the most creative and off-the-wall shows on television.  Its strength comes from the writing and the chances they take, from 8-bit episodes to parodies of Goodfellas.  The people don't want to see a show based on characters at a community college, they want to see Harmon running a show based on these characters that are nutty and wacky.

Having already sent the show to the Friday night death slot next fall, the firing of its showrunner is just more proof that the only reason Community was renewed was to achieve syndication and thus make NBC more money.  This is ignoring the fact that streaming media is becoming the dominant replay medium, and syndication deals (usually occurring at the 100 episode mark) are no longer essential for profit.

Instead, all NBC did was show that creativity is not welcome at their station.  Each show needs to make their network money, yes, but when you become known as a network that lets your genius flow (ala AMC) you will attract more and better showrunners and creators.

4.  If you receive a Christmas Card from Daenerys Targaryen this year,  I bet it would say "Merry Christmas from Dany and the kids!" and then include a cheesy photo of her and her dragons.  Kinda like those couples and their dogs.

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