Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Killing the theories

I had written an elaborate intro to this entry, and then realized, why?  I would be just as guilty as The Killing is to string you along, hoping you would forget some of the things written so that I could try to capitalize on emotions that aren't there any more.  It would only be anger, much like I feel every time I watch an episode and come to understand that the writers have as little a clue to where this is going as I do.

So I'm introducing a new feature: Theories of The Killing.

Rosie Larson got caught on the 10th floor of the Seattle Indian Casino and Bordello, where she was admiring the Seattle skyline before she left Seattle forever.  She could always watch The Killing, because that shows more of the Seattle skyline than clues into the mystery of who killed her.  While she was out on the balcony, after having gotten the key somehow (note: I'm guessing this is how most writers' room discussions of this show end)

"Well, how did she get it?"
"Brilliant.  Let's tell Veena."

So Rosie's out there, either as a prostitute or not, I'm not sure any more, and people come onto the construction site to make a deal.  One of them a Seattle government worker.  Probably the mayor or someone who works for him.  The other one most likely Big Chief Jackson, who brokers all her deals in construction sites like any good mobster would.

So they're making a deal for the waterfront and an Indian Pride museum (the same deal that Chief Jackson tried to make with Handicapable Richmond in a conference room with other witnesses.  Somehow!)  Then they see Rosie watching the skyline, who can't hear their deal because the sliding glass doors are sound proof, and they decide she needs to die.  So they kill her, the Mayor takes her body and puts it in a Richmond sponsored car and dumps it in the river to frame Pre-Handicapable Richmond.  Then the Mayor and the obviously corrupt Duck Phillips led police force frame Richmond, and there we are.


It was not the Mayor in the construction site, but rather Sanitation Commissioner Ray Patterson and Chief Jackson.  Patterson was upset because the people were taking out their own trash, thus making the millions spent on waste management every year pointless.  So he went to Chief Jackson, who inherited a large chunk of government land which they would take care of like their ancestors and wouldn't have a garbage dump site on the land at all, and asked her if they could borrow some goons to whack everyday folk in the leg and thus render them useless and unable to take out the trash.

Rosie, having gotten off on the wrong floor, because why would she have a key to the 10th floor? and having accidentally locked herself out on the balcony, started to bang on the sliding door to get the attention of the two dealers.  Misunderstanding the banging for gun shots, Patterson tries to stab Chief Jackson, misses and cuts his own hand and his badge off at the same time, covering it in blood and losing it on the floor.

Chief Jackson rushes to the door to grab Rosie, who is shocked, because she was just stuck outside, falls off the balcony and lands in the trunk of one of Richmond's vehicles, John Waymos, who was just there to gamble.

Waymos, coming out of the casino drunk, gets in his car and drives home, but loses his way and crashes into a small pond.  He scrambles out of the car, and unknowingly leaves Rosie Larson to drown in his drunk.


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