Friday, April 27, 2012

Quick Hits and Misses

1.  I may have been wrong about Stannis Baratheon.  With the birth of that shadowy demon figure at the end of "Garden of Bones," any comparison to Saul and David went out the window.  Instead we were treated to a possible new Smoke Monster, which is a very exciting prospect for any fans of Barry.

I still stand by the virtue of the show and of certain characters, just not with certain comparisons.  Which is why it's dangerous to read themes into shows that was not the writer's original intention.  The Slaughter of the Innocents still stands, though.  But that's not the biblical imagery you normally want to present.

2.  If I were to make a list of the most disgusting people on television, number 2 would be the gypsies, mostly for the way their children dress all slutty and wear entirely too much makeup for 10 year olds.  I have no problem with them as a people, note.  Just the way they dress and parade their children around.

3.  Number one would the parents on Toddlers and Tiaras.  It's difficult to take your eyes off this train wreck, because the mothers involved all seem nuts to me.  Which is exciting, because the fathers are never around, making me wonder if they are as embarrassed of the goings on as I am to watch.

I wish someone would fund a documentary to take place over the next 15 years to follow these pageant four year olds and see what kind of dysfunction they develop into.

4.  I would like to comment on The Killing, but that would force me to think about the absolute nonsense involved in each episode.  I'm pretty sure the title actually refers to what the show has done to entertaining television.

5.  Is there any more surprising show than New Girl?  Each character has somehow gotten better as time has gone on, to the point that Jess is now the character I look forward to following the least.

6.  Also, a belated note on Justified.  There is no show with a better command of dialogue than this gem.  Every scene is well-acted and well-written, but not in a way that is over-your-head.  It's wonderful to behold a western gotten right, since Deadwood was prematurely cut short.  I apologize for not watching this before and including it on my year end list. 


  1. Of course, Elmore Leonard is Mr. Dialogue. If you like the show you'll probably like his books.

  2. His only rival is David Milch, but that's because of Milch's unrivaled command of the English language.