Thursday, January 5, 2012

REVIEW: Work It!

ABC - Tuesdays 8:30 pm
This show is terrible.  I don't even have a strong opening or an attempt to make this review seem like it's going to be anything but negative.  That part at the top about when it's on shouldn't even go there, since this show will soon be cancelled, and in the meantime, you should not watch it.

1. Does it entertain me?
Not even a little bit.

This is a "comedy" revolving around a man (I'm leaving out all actors and character's names for their own benefit.  They won't even want to put this gig on their resume) who has been out of work for a year who, in order to get a job as a pharmaceutical salesman, dresses like a woman.  Then he tells his friends, and they, too, dress like a woman to get a job.

There is no inspiration, no comedy, no positivity and no hints of redemption for anyone involved.  The laughtrack even struggled to laugh, that's how bad this show was.

ABC should be ashamed of itself for putting out a show like this.

2. Is it realistic?
No, and it doesn't even try to make you think it's realistic.  It wants you to laugh at its ridiculous premise, but only one of the things in that sentence is true.

The reason for the characters dressing like this is because there is, and I quote, a "mancession," whereby all the men lose their jobs and all the women keep theirs.  Which might work in a world where the women are actually smart and have good work ethics.  But all the women in "Work it!" are bimbos, talking like valley girls and showing no drive whatsoever.

The workplace isn't real, the women aren't real, and I wish the show wasn't real.

3. Are immoral actions defended?
The only immoral action was that this show was broadcast and humanity was subjected to its idiocy.

4. How does the show deal with the family and traditional family values?
By being not funny.
In case you couldn't have guessed, "Work it!" is terrible.  It's not funny, it's not creative, and it's not ambitious.  Do not watch this, and do not recommend it to your friends.

And may God have mercy on the writers' souls.


  1. I have to wonder if it is designed to advance the transvestite agenda.

  2. Only if the transvestite community wants to be known as a bunch of humorless worms that shouldn't be allowed on TV.