Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review Rules

Now that the Emmy's have come and gone, putting their stamp of approval on crappy shows (and stamps on some good ones, too), it's time to dig into the fall season. This season is loaded with shows that are doomed to fail right out of the box, and literally have no chance to succeed. You know who you are.

It is virtually impossible for me to watch every show and tell you if you should watch it, so I'm going to ignore certain shows already if I have no desire to see them. If by some chance, I miss a good or great show, I will try to catch up on it and review it at that point. But this way, I save time, and I don't have to worry about gouging my eyes out from seeing terrible shows.

As far as I can see, these are the new shows I will check out and report back on: The New Girl (Sept. 20), Person of Interest (Sept. 22), Pan Am (Sept. 25), Terra Nova (Sept. 26), Once Upon a Time (Oct. 23). There may me some other ones as well, but those are the shows I am consciously looking forward to.

As a note, since I am not an actual TV critic, I do not get these shows in advance, and thus I am not privy to seeing the show before it airs. So more than likely, I will not get the review up until the next day. But I will try very hard to make sure it goes up the day following the original air date.

I generally believe you can not tell enough about a show after one episode to decide if it's going to be good or not. 3 episodes is generally a good rule of thumb, giving the writers, producers and actors enough time to get their story going after introducing the characters and the way their universe works. I will keep this in mind, and try to give an initial review, followed by a 3 episode review.

With that in mind, here is what I will review about each show?

1. Does it entertain me?
Very important here, because I am not going to sit through 30 minutes or an hour on a show that I find boring and dull. I don't care if it's the world's most moral show, I need to laugh, to think and to connect with at least one character.

2. Is it realistic?
I will be the first to admit that Lost probably wouldn't happen. But I also would like to believe that if I was stuck on an island with polar bears, light houses and Sawyer, that I would behave in such a manner as the show depicted. If I am constantly shouting, "WHAT!?" at a show, that is not a good sign.

3. Are immoral actions defended?
I understand that shows are going to depict immorality, whether it is sex or violence or whatever. But I need to know if those actions have consequences, or does it glorify evil. Great shows can use corrupt characters to invoke a larger theme without dipping into the world of moral relativism.

4. How does the show deal with the family and traditional family values?
This is the one that is normally going to get ripped to shreds in a primetime show, with all the adultery, affairs, sex and divorce on the airwaves. So if there is a show that has positive marital role models, fantastic!

So that will be how these reviews work. Let's get 'er rollin!

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